Healthy Well-being

Pineal Healthy Well-being

The Kingdom of Pineal philosophy of healthy well being is founded on a holistic approach based on the syncretisation of various streams of knowledge.

The Pineal philosophy of life is fundamentally based on the premise of being open minded, using scientific discernment and spiritual intuition.

Perspective tolerance is highly encouraged, no question or thought is ever considered too far outside scope. However, all thought processes must always be treated with proportionate measures of respect in balance with the Kingdom of Pineal Tenets and Laws.

No philosophical theory, concept or idea must ever be established, only accepted as a measure of perspective, this is to avoid any room for dogma.

All Pineal philosophical perspectives must always be viewed and treated with: H.E.A.R.T.

Honour to the Earth, in abundance with respect and in trust of goodwill for all that is truth.

Our philosophical approach is based on the three bodies of being: mind (mental), body (physical) and soul (spiritual).

In alignment with the Law of Vibration nothing in existence is “solid matter.” All perceived physical objects are various forms of vibrating energy, hence paradoxically “Everything is made of No things.”

The only difference between gold, wood, water, and living human flesh is the pattern or behaviour of the energy of which they are composed. If we go through the whole range of relative existence from the bottom to the top, the Earth to the the sky and beyond, it is all energy of varying kinds though one in essence of everything which is made of nothing.

The same is true of our individual private universe we call “me.” We are composed of successive layers of energy from very subtle to very dense. All the levels of energy that exist in creation exist in us as well. We are actually small fractals of the greater universe. Our conscious being transcends our little cosmos, corresponding and directing it in symbiotic rhythm with the universe.

All which we experience as “us” are just different forms of cosmic energy vibrating at differing rates.
As humans, the physical body is the densest form, and within the body we have our bio magnetic energy (the Soul) that keeps the body going and is linked to another field of energy within us – the mind.

Thus we have the three human bodies – the physical body of dense matter, the bio magnetic cellular body known as the soul and the electromagnetic body known as the conscious mind.

Human consciousness and human behaviour are nothing but the states and activities of these various bodies of vibrating energy interacting with one another. All humans are born with varying degrees of these energy levels. Some are carried over from our previous existence in other dimensions of being. Some are from our parents in the form of inherited genes.

However, as we grow and develop we replace and increase these energies through the lights and sounds we absorb, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the foods we eat. On top of that we can consciously increase these energies through meditation and other mindful practices.

Spirituality is a path of understanding and growth. We as sentient beings have the power to become more than we were. We have the choice to look out at the world with its imperfections and imbalances and have the choice to nurture peace within our own hearts. We have the choice to go beyond simply understanding the meaning of the word compassion but also embody and enact it.

The Kingdom of Pineal defines spirituality as a philosophy of growth, change, benevolence, compassion and expansion. This is what we might call enlightenment, the ability to be understanding of a more inclusive interconnected perspective on life.

Our spiritual philosophy entails the willingness and ability to see a worldview or world-experience of self-improvement with a focus on awareness of the greater whole.

As the mind opens to an enlightened perspective, we become sensitive to vibrations emanating from our surroundings. We notice how environments colour our mood. When one walks through a forest or bathes in a clean river in natural open spaces, life seems complete, nurturing and rejuvenating.

One feels less compelled to numb themselves with worldly material distractions.

Earth reminds us to slow down and return to a simple existence in harmony with the rhythms of life and death. Because no matter how fast we run, we cannot escape the Law of Physical Impermanence.

In accordance with the Law of Cause and Effect we sense ripples of even the most subtle thoughts and actions. Past intentions have led to current conditions and the present mind creates the future. Positive outcomes result from practicing kindness, compassion, forgiveness, generosity and joy.

Dire consequences follow when we scatter seeds of greed, anger, hatred, fear and arrogance. When we recognise the repercussions of past deeds, we become careful about the energies we transmit. Our life is the result of every seed planted since the creation of the Universe. This is also known as karma.

When we see ourselves in others, we treat everyone the way we want to be treated. We may even sacrifice our own pleasure for the sake of others. By forgetting about ourselves, we gain freedom. (Service to self versus service to others).

Our guiding principle becomes to abide as a source of happiness for others.


If killing other beings for consumption is ethically, morally and physically unnecessary, it is then our duty as an intelligent compassionate sentient being to acknowledge that no such being should ever be enslaved as a piece of property. Another being should not be raised for a fraction of its natural life-span and then taken to be killed, butchered and consumed by other beings who simply enjoy the flavour of its flesh.

Many will argue that death and killing are a part of nature and that it is just the way the world is. Of course death and dying are a part of our world, however, if unnecessary death and killing can be reduced or completely stopped, why would any civilised society not strive for this?

Unnecessary suffering and killing also causes greater harms to the symbiotic balance of our world and to human health physically, emotionally and mentally.

It is not about choosing a perfect option. No such option exists and deaths will occur. However, natural death is nature’s way of balancing the cycle of life, killing is not natural. Being intelligent is about choosing a better option. Non-violence and compassion are the best moral options.

Another spiritual reason for not harming or consuming other beings like animals is to avoid unbalancing our human spiritual consciousness with the energetic vibrations of the animal being ingested.

When a human being eats another being like an animal, both beings become one being. The human being has not just ingested the body of the animal but also the energetic vibrations of that animal (its consciousness) as well as the animal’s hormones (its emotions).

You Are What You Eat

Think of the tremendous fear, stress and anxiety a being like an animal experiences as it is being killed. We know that when a being experiences fear, the hormones of cortisol and adrenaline are released into its body. They affect that being by putting the body in stress and breaking down bodily functions. The hormones of cortisol and adrenaline remain in the deceased body, so when that animal is consumed, its experience energetically becomes part of the consumer.

In our hearts, we all know that hurting other creatures is wrong and that all life should be respected.

Spirituality is not an abstract thing divorced from our everyday actions. Someone cannot claim to love all beings through spiritual connection, and then go on to kill and eat the very same beings they claim to love.

When our beliefs and actions are not aligned, it creates disharmony. Practicing veganism means rejecting all forms of abuse and suffering thus truly aligning our actions with our beliefs.

A lifestyle which causes minimal harm to animals ultimately benefits everyone and everything else on this Earth because everything is connected. Whether your perspective is rational, spiritual or a bit of both, it simply makes sense to be vegan.

It is important to note that plants are also considered as sentient. However, as plants do not have a central nervous system which is necessary for pain perception and self-awareness, it is unlikely that they can experience self-awareness and pain like human and animal beings.

It is also worth noting that plants can reproduce asexually, which shows that they are not singular conscious beings in the sense that animal and human beings are. Plants also generally tend to reproduce via fruit seeding, aided by their consumption by animal and human beings.

Another important point to make is there is also no necessity to kill most plants or trees in order to eat from them. Picking ripe fruit from a plant or tree will not kill that said plant or tree, but actually aid it to thrive.

For this reason, it could be argued that the most optimal foods for humans to consume are plant based foods that bear fruits and seeds.

With this in mind a predominant fruit based diet is optimal for human beings to thrive mentally, physically and spiritually.

Humans who follow this type of cultural eating are known as fruitarians.
Fruitarians will only consume foods from plants that are for that purpose, like fruits, beans, grains and nuts.

If our conscious beliefs and ideals observe and honour sentience or consciousness within plants, then the fruitarian way of life is what we should be aspiring to.

However, veganism is a good place to start as it evidently protects and nurtures both plants and animals. Fewer plants will need to be consumed to feed the animals that humans then consume.