Tantra – Yantra – Mantra

Tantra – Yantra – Mantra


Tantra is the conscious practice of rendering the mundane and profane actions we perform in the world into sacred actions through focusing one’s consciousness totally on the task at hand and seeing each and everyone and everything as an emanation of the Divine.

Actions and relationships considered taboo, sinful or unclean by conventional society are transformed by ritual and stated intent to be sacred actions and divine associations. Yantra and Mantra are the means of doing that.


Yantra means “a tool, device or machine”, that is something that aids one in an activity or a work. Mantra is the sound vibration inherent in everything and everyone. Each God or Goddess has His or Her individual mantra which is chanted to invoke the divine energy symbolised by the particular deity.

A Yantra is usually a geometric diagram which metaphysically provides a location or a place for the energy invoked by the mantra to manifest for the task at hand or the task for which the energy has been called forth.


The mantra is the energy, is the Deity, and the repetition of the mantra harmonises and tunes the individual chanting the mantra to the source of the energy which is the Divinity. The yantra is used to contain the mantra energy of the divine within a diagram; this enables the energy to be used for the purpose of the intoner.