Pineal Philosophy of Life

Pineal Philosophy of Life

At the heart of the Pineal vision of creating a harmonious and balanced world is human health and well-being. This is because we believe humans are the intended trusted custodians of the Earth as they are the most consciously intelligent and sentient beings on Earth.

With this in mind achieving and maintaining optimal human health and well-being physically, mentally and spiritually is a key component to restoring harmony and balance, not just for humans, but for the greater good of the Earth at large.

We believe that our bodies are perfectly designed organisms with natural self-healing abilities, however, these abilities are mainly influenced by our emotions and thoughts via the pineal gland.

When our emotions and thoughts are out of balance, the door opens for disease in all forms to manifest within our physical selves.

This is because the human nervous system has two main command and control centres:

  • The "fight-or-flight" – stress response system ruled by the sympathetic nervous system
  • The "relaxation response" – regulated by the parasympathetic nervous system.

The fight-or-flight response system is triggered within us when our emotions and thoughts are out of balance, usually when we are in stressful situations.

The relaxation response only activates when our body’s are relaxed, which then allows your body’s natural self-healing abilities to function correctly.

When the human body goes into fight-or-flight mode, it initiates a cascade of toxic stress chemicals (adrenaline and cortisol) effectively preventing our body from being able to do what it does best: keep us healthy. Thus a healthy mind is a healthy body.

We believe that there is a very powerful and highly effective solution to keeping our fight-or-flight mode calm in order to allow our parasympathetic nervous system optimally functioning: meditation.


Meditation helps us to quiet down and deactivate the stressful parts of our being, thus allowing our bodies to continue operating optimally. We believe meditation is the very best technique for optimal mind body self-healing. The cells within our bodies are perpetually interfacing with each other as they keep us alive: pumping life sustaining blood and getting rid of harmful toxins while defending against external pathogens.

Through focused intent we potentially have full control over these body processes through the power of our minds. The mind is the true supreme orchestrator of the mental, emotional and physical wellness of the body.

Every thought, emotion and feeling that we have forms a feedback loop with our neurochemistry. As we go about our daily routine, the stimuli we encounter creates responsive cellular commands which then attach to our emotional state. Chemicals then get created either triggering our being into a fight-or-flight mode, or relaxation response mode.

When our thoughts and emotions are in a positive rhythmic balance our body creates neurochemicals akin to endorphins, norepinephrine, antioxidants and immune system boosters. These positive neurochemicals can easily and readily be summoned within us through meditation.

Meditation puts our being into a state of self-awareness which then enables the natural flow of positive neurochemicals between our physical bodies and mind.

Lack of self-awareness opens the door to destructive feelings and emotions like stress, anger, self-pity, jealousy, doubt and despair which in turn stimulates self-destructive behaviour. If this negative feedback loop between our body and mind is perpetuated, our cellular being begins to deteriorate until we reach a breaking point at which disease manifests and takes over.

Conversely, expanding our awareness of self opens a fire-hose of free flowing energy. Our compassion and empathy proliferates, creating a mentally and emotionally balanced state of being.

Mastering self-awareness through practices like meditation unlocks our creative barriers: we begin to see the limitless potential of the world along with our ability to create the life of health and well-being that we desire.

Without a doubt we believe meditation is the best way to understand our inner circuitry as it allows us to go deep within our mind for rehabilitative solace. Meditation allows us to access sub-conscious levels of mind and thoughts that we are otherwise oblivious to in our mundane state of being.

The old parable "Know Thyself" is the most precise key to unlocking our path to self-mastery, and meditation is the door to ascending to the highest mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual heights of health and well-being.

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