The Kingdom of Pineal was founded on the universal principles and natural laws which dictate that all conscious and living creations (human and animal) on Earth are born free and sovereign, therefore have the expressed right to live free and sovereign lives under Universal Spiritual and Natural Laws: as long as they are not infringing on the rights of other beings to do so.

A person who subscribes, follows or lives by the Pineal ideology is known as a ‘Pineal Pioneer’.

Pineal Pioneers and Custodian Members of The Kingdom of Pineal have the expressed right to live a free and sovereign life in balance with nature and with goodwill entrusted upon them under the Pineal Tenets and Laws decreed unto us, as living men and women - in honour and respect to the Earth we inhabit.

There is no ‘special’ requirement needed to become a ‘Pineal Pioneer’ or custodian member of The Kingdom of Pineal other than what is stipulated within this document, namely: observance and practice of The Kingdom of Pineal Tenets and Laws as well as membership registration.

The Kingdom of Pineal "Trust" organisation defined

A Trust organisation is an entity created with the purpose of establishing and organising the affairs of a person or organisation of people.

There are three key parties that comprise a trust organisation:

A grantor or creator: Kingdom of Pineal
Sets up the trust and populates it with their terms, conditions and assets.
A beneficiary: Pineal custodians and Pioneers
A person(s) chosen to receive the trust organisation’s benefits.
A trustee or fiduciary: Paraíso Imensurável
Charged with managing the affairs in the trust. A fiduciary or trustee can also be defined as board members, council of advisors, a governing or administrative body.

A trust is created for a beneficiary who receives the benefits, such as rights, assets and/or income from the trust.

With this in mind, The Kingdom of Pineal is a Trust organisation created with the purpose of establishing and organising the affairs of all Kingdom of Pineal custodian Pioneers who will be living within the Kingdom of Pineal’s jurisdiction and remit - this includes all reserved Pineal rights, properties and assets.

Establishing a living "Trust"

Anyone can establish a trust as long as they are competent enough to do so.

A Trust grantor, or creator of the trust (Kingdom of Pineal), can name any competent person(s) as their trustee (Paraíso Imensurável).

A trust is established by a written agreement or declaration that appoints a trustee to manage and administer the stipulated affairs of the grantor.

The creation of a trust organisation establishes a relationship where an appointed fiduciary, the trustee - acts in the sole interest of the grantor on behalf of all its benefactors.

A grantor or fiduciary may be responsible for the general well being of another (e.g. a child legal guardian), but often the task involves managing the welfare of another person, or a group of people.

The Kingdom of Pineal is a Trust organisation consisting of beneficiaries called Pineal custodians or Pioneers.

Paraíso Imensurável TRUST organisation is the administrative body that governs and acts in the sole interest of the Kingdom of Pineal and its custodian beneficiaries.

The Kingdom of Pineal’s Trust organisation was created for the benefit of all Pineal custodian "Pioneers" - this includes all reserved rights and assets from and within Pineal’s trust policies; namely the Pineal Tenets and Laws.

In essence, the custodian beneficiaries of the Pineal trust organisation are the policy holders of the Pineal tenets and laws, insured under and within the Kingdom of Pineals reserved rights.

The Kingdom of Pineal does not have a single trustee - all members of the Pineal foundation under the stewardship of the Pinheiro family are trustees of the Kingdom of Pineal trust organisation.

Cestui Que Vie

Cestui Que Vie is French for "he who lives".

It is a legal term for an individual who is the beneficiary of a trust, with rights to the benefits that the trust organisation provides.

The term is used to differentiate a sovereign living being (the I-AM) from the corporate entity being (the Straw man).

All Pineal custodians and Pioneers are Cestui Que Vie (living beings) insured under and within the Kingdom of Pineals trust policies; namely the Pineal tenets and laws.

With this in mind we could say the Kingdom of Pineal is a Cestui Que Vie trust organisation of living beings entitled to an equitable share in rights and assets established and insured under one collective trust policy.

Je suis
I am
I am the image of God living in trust
Je suis cestui que vie
I am a living man/woman

LLC - Live Life Competent

This term is used to inform or notify of a living man/woman's ability and competence to represent and/or make decisions for themselves. It serves as a notice, therefor, must be observed and treated as such without, hinderance or assumption hitherto.

Per Stirpes - Inherent heir

Per stirpes is Latin for “by roots” or “by branch”.

It refers to every person down a family tree beginning from another person. For example, everyone below a mother, such as her children and great-grandchildren, is included in a per stirpes branch.

Per stirpes stipulates that a beneficiary’s heirs receive the inheritance in the event that the beneficiary is unable to do so.

Children may stand as representatives of their parents if a parent is unable to do so and vice versa. Spouses are not considered in per stirpes distribution.

The Per stirpes is a motion based on equatable lore rather than legal law. As such, all your direct lineage of children automatically qualify as descendant per stirpes under and within the Kingdom of Pineals trust policy.

Pineal Custodian Passport

The Kingdom of Pineal is a sovereign entity in Trust, under spiritual observance and so must be observed and acknowledged; under the laws of Universal and Natural Rights.

With this in mind, the Kingdom of Pineal has created an official document to help identify and distinguish custodian members, insured and living in trust under and within the Kingdom of Pineal’s policies.

The Kingdom of Pineal custodian passport will entitle you to;

  • openly express your living rights as a living man/woman, protected under trust, within the remit of Pineal spiritual and physical practices and observance.
  • allow you to be officially recognised as a benefactor of the Kingdom of Pineal.
  • give you the authority to declare and express your sovereign cestui que vie "living man/woman" status along with all the benefits entitled unto you as a living man/woman..

Passport Sample

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How to Apply

Applying for a Pineal Custodian Passport is a simple two-step process with the following requirements:

  1. Read and fully understand The Kingdom of Pineal’s Tenets, Laws and way of life.
  2. If your ethics, morals and beliefs are in accordance with The Kingdom of Pineals Tenets and Laws, read, fill out and sign the oath of intent and send it back to us.
  3. If your application is admitted, we will kindly request a minimum donation of 30 euros and send you the Pineal Custodian Passport.

    You can find the Pioneer membership oath application form here, or on the contact us page of this website.


Paraíso Imensurável is a non-profit organisation, therefore any and all costs incurred are only for administrative purposes. Naturally there is a monetary cost associated with the Pineal Custodian Passport. All passports are custom made with our unique special features for safe and easy identification. Each passport is made with quality materials by local professionals. With this in mind, our pricing structure is as follows:

  • All Patreon members of Pineal Foundation who have been subscribed before December 21, 2020 will get the Pineal Custodian Passport free of charge – Become a Patreon member
  • All other applicants: minimum donation of 30 €

The processing time is 2 to 4 weeks plus shipping by mail. The mail transit time is typically 1 week, but could be up to 2 weeks.

Please note: due to the current restrictive measure shipping times may be longer than expected. In any such extreme cases our administrative team will endeavour to contact and inform you of any such delays.

Apply for Passport