Kingdom of Pineal

The Kingdom of Pineal

The Kingdom of Pineal is a physical and spiritual entity, created in trust, constituting human beings who choose to inhabit and/or coexist on this Earth in a sovereign state of being embodied by our Pineal Tenets, Universal Spiritual Laws and Natural Physical Laws.

The Kingdom of Pineal was founded on the universal principles that all beings (human and animal) on Earth are born free and sovereign beings, therefore have the expressed right to live free and sovereign lives under Universal, Spiritual and Earthly Natural Laws: as long as they are not infringing on the rights of other beings to do so.

The Kingdom of Pineal is not just a philosophy or ideal, it is a chosen way of life. A person who subscribes, follows or lives by the Kingdom of Pineal ideology is known as a Pineal custodian or ‘Pioneer’.

Pineal Pioneers and Custodian Members of The Kingdom of Pineal have the expressed right to live a free and sovereign life in balance with nature with goodwill entrusted upon them under and within the Pineal Tenets and Laws. The Pineal trust organisation believes that these tenets and laws are fundamental principles decreed unto us humans to help us live in honour and respect to the Earth we inhabit.

There is no ‘special’ requirement needed to become a Pineal Pioneer or custodian member of The Kingdom of Pineal other than what is stipulated within the Pineal constitutional manifesto, namely: Observance and practice of the Kingdom of Pineal Tenets and Laws, as well as membership registration through our administrative branchs – The PINEAL FOUNDATION under the stewardship of the Pinheiro family.


The purpose of The Kingdom of Pineal is to create and cultivate a conscious collective community founded on principles of honour, respect, trust and love of the Earth, ourselves and each other in harmony with nature.

We are creating and connecting a network of conscious people from around the world who share the same core values and vision as our organisation. Our ideology, philosophy and structure is in line with this ethos of harmonious connection and cultivation of living together in trust of one another.

We are constantly learning how to better live harmoniously in sync with nature and subsequently teaching others how to do the same.

We aspire to be an example of how humans are supposed to live in common unity away from harmful environments and toxic substances. We want to be an example to the world by showing how and what it truly means to love the Earth and each other.

As an organisation we are saying no to living in disharmony with nature. We are saying no to a world where people are disconnected from each other. We are saying no to a world where community seems to be a foreign concept.

Instead we are saying yes to creating real and tangible human connections and communities of people who share our core values and ethics.

Our values and ethics are the most important parts of our organisation and the foundation of who we are and what we are building. At the heart of our core values and mission is to give back to our Earth and help create a better world in every way possible now and for future generations.

Our core values are embodied within the Kingdom of Pineal Tenets and Laws.

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