Pineal Tenets

Pineal Tenets


The Pineal Tenets are principles and core values of how to live.

These Tenets were founded and are entrusted to those who choose to follow and live by the Pineal way of life. The Pineal way of life is founded on the principles of humans co-existing harmoniously with all sentient and non-sentient life in balance with nature.

This harmonious co-existence is based on the five Pineal Houses of Tenets: HONOUR, EARTH, ABUNDANCE, RESPECT and TRUST for all sentient and non-sentient life.

Those who choose to live by the Pineal Tenets must always do so in Honour to the Earth, in the Spirit of Abundance, with Respect and Trust in goodwill for all life: H.E.A.R.T.

The five Pineal Tenets of Living:


Honour Your Word
I will be mindful of the words and spells I cast, always endeavouring to speak with intentions of truth, love, peace and justice for all.
Honour the Earth
I will honour my duty as an inhabitant of this Earth by always using or taking from the Earth only what I need and never more in equal measure of energy in balance with nature.


Earth Belongs to All
I am a custodian of the Earth and therefore responsible for all the land, plants, air, bodies of water, mountains and creatures great and small.
Earth is a Sacred Temple
Wherever upon the Earth I choose to settle, I will always endeavour to honour and respect that space entrusted upon me with faith and good will for the greater good.


Abundance in Our Minds and Hearts
My mind and heart belongs to me and as a sovereign being I am responsible for how I feel, what I think and do.
Abundance on the Earth for All to Share
The Earth belongs to no one, all life on Earth exists in trust of all that is and I am part of all that is.


Respect life
All sentient life is sacred, I will always respect the rights of all sentient creatures of the Earth to live a full and happy life and to die with dignity as naturally as possible in balance with nature.
Respect Yourself
I am a sacred divine being in all ways and so i will always love and respect myself, everyone and everything unconditionally.


Trust in Nature
Nature will always provide, provided we provide for nature.
Trust Your Mind, Body and Soul
I have freedom of choice, I can and will say no to anything and anyone I see, think or feel may cause harm to me or any other beings.