Pineal Common Laws

Pineal Common Laws

Common Laws are laws enacted or agreed upon by a collective of people who choose to co-exist with common values and ideals.

Common Laws are unique and individual to any society, community or collective of people who come together in common unity.

Where Common Laws are created and observed by an organised collective of people, those Common Laws become the Law of the Land.

Collective Common Laws often set the precedent for all other legal Laws that become the statutes and ACTS of that said community or society.

10 Pineal Common Laws

  1. Prohibition of abusive use of alcohol - Alcohol must only be used for medicinal or therapeutic purposes administered by a community recognised shaman.
  2. Prohibition of the consumption of any and all animal foods and products - namely any product produced at the expense or suffering of another sentient being; animal or otherwise.
  3. Prohibition of the abusive or recreational use of drugs - namely processed and/or inorganic compounds recognised as drugs that may negatively influence a beings perception, behaviour and/or wellbeing.
  4. Prohibition of the use of violence of any kind to settle disputes - violence includes any kind of physical or verbal aggressive force towards another being.
  5. Prohibition of negative discrimination towards any and all sentient beings – this means all races, genders and species must be treated fairly in proportionate measure according to the Pineal Tenets and Laws.
  6. Prohibition of usury, blackmail, intimidation, physical force, extortion, monetary interest or any other oppressive acts that may cause harm or distress to others.
  7. Prohibition of the intentional use of negative or black magic through spell casting or any other practices for personal gain or otherwise.
  8. Prohibition of the use of abusive behaviour towards any and all sentient beings, physically, mentally or emotionally - this includes physical and/or verbal actions.
  9. Prohibition of any acts, actions or motive means that may infringe on the free will of another person.
  10. Always observe, honour, respect and abide by all the Pineal Laws and Tenets with trust and goodwill.