Natural Laws

Natural Laws

Natural Law dictates that human beings possess intrinsic values that govern their reasoning and behaviour.

Natural Law maintains that these intrinsic values, entrusted within us as humans, are based on ethical and moral grounds that we must follow in balance with the natural cycle of all things.

When Natural Law is not observed, honoured and respected, the rhythmic balance of life is lost.

These 11 Natural Laws are the first foundational pillars upon which all human laws of living must be founded:

Do Not Kill

All life is precious in equal measure, no one and no thing has the right to deprive or take the life of any sentient being. A sentient being anything or anyone with conscious awareness of feelings, emotions and actions.

Trust in Truth

Truth is the foundation of trust. Where there is no truth, there is no trust, where there is no trust, there is no harmony, where there is no harmony, there is no happiness.

Share Abundance

The Universe and the Earth is abundant in resources free for all to use. Land, food, water, air, shelter and energy is everything we need to thrive as humans is on this Earth, we must honour this abundance entrusted to us by using and sharing it with respect and in harmony with the balance of nature.

Respect All Life

Give all life the same amount of respect you would expect to receive. Do no harm, only good, and always endeavour to build and not destroy.

Love All Beings

Love is the essence that binds all thoughts and emotions.When we love ourselves and each other, we create the divine essence that binds all life on Earth, where there is love, there is good. Where there is good, there is God.

Honour Nature

Nature is the source of all Earthly creation, without nature there is no life. All nature must be honoured with love and respect, without it we begin to lose our own human nature.

Remember Those Before You

Nothing would exist today without the cause and effect of the past so we must always honour and respect the past for without this there is bound to be no future.

Live and Let Live

All life must be allowed the opportunity to freely express themselves without fear of persecution or oppression as long as they are expressing themselves with goodwill towards others.


All conscious sentient beings have the right to freely and willingly choose their destiny as long as they are not infringing on another beings free will to do the same.

Equity And Justice For All

All beings are entitled to the same measure of fairness, equality and justice without bias or prejudice. This in balance with the natural order of all that is pure and good.

Trust In Nature

Nature eminates the divine spark of creation and sustenance of all life. All that is nature and natural is sacred, beautiful and perfect in design and structure. This divinity must always be trusted.