The Kingdom of Pineal is a physical and spiritual entity consisting of human beings who choose to inhabit and/or co-exist on this Earth in a sovereign state of being based on Spiritual Tenets, Universal Spiritual and Natural Laws.

The Kingdom of Pineal is embodied by any Pineal Foundation official Custodian Member who recognises the Pineal Tenets, Laws and chosen way of life.

A person who subscribes, follows or lives by the Pineal ideology of spirituality is known as a ‘Pineal Pioneer’.

The Kingdom of Pineal was founded on the universal principles that all beings (human and animal) on Earth are born free and sovereign beings. Therefore, they have the expressed right to live free and sovereign lives under Universal Spiritual and Natural Laws as long as they are not infringing on the rights of other beings to do so.

Pineal Pioneers and Custodian Members of The Kingdom of Pineal have the expressed right to live a free and sovereign life in balance with nature and goodwill entrusted upon them under the Pineal Tenets and Laws. We believe that humans living in respect and honour to nature is a spiritual decree bestowed to them.

There is no special requirement needed to become a Pineal Pioneer or Custodian Member of The Kingdom of Pineal other than what is stipulated within the Pineal Constitutional Manifesto, namely: Observance and practice of the Pineal Tenets and Laws, as well as membership registration through our administrative branch – Paraíso Imensurável trading as Pineal Foundation..

Spiritual Observance

Any space of Earth physically inhabited in trust and goodwill by any Pineal Pioneer and/or Kingdom of Pineal Custodian Member is considered a 'Pineal Temple Space’.

Temple Space is defined as:

any space or place of Earth a human being settles with the intent of spiritually and physically practicing and/or living life in trust and goodwill of looking after that said inhabited space of Earth as long as they are not physically or spiritually infringing on or harming another being to do so.

Since the Earth is a free and sovereign space entrusted unto humans, The Kingdom of Pineal officially recognises the Earth as its temple space.

At this present moment in time The Kingdom of Pineal recognises several 'spaces' of the Earth as official ‘Pineal Earthly Temples’, administratively defined as embassies. All current Pineal embassies are located in the current European country of Portugal.

The Kingdom of Pineal’s spiritual structure of practice is divided into two spheres of influence: Tenets and Laws.

Tenets are divided into five groups called ‘Principal Pillars of Practice’ (PPP): Honour, Earth, Abundance, Respect and Trust.

Each of the five pillars have two sub-tenets. Combined, these sub-tenets create the 10 Holy Pineal Tenets.

The Kingdom of Pineal observes and acknowledges that all life on Earth and beyond is created and sustained by various universal and natural laws of existence. Without these universal and natural laws, there is random chaos which ultimately leads to disharmony and imbalance.

The Kingdom of Pineal recognises the following laws: