Welcome to Pineal

Welcome to Pineal


It is self evidently apparent that the world as we know it is drastically and rapidly changing.

What is being described as the great reset.

Most of us are in the dark, confused and anxious…paralysed with fear and hopelessness.

Some of us are lost in the confusion as we try to understand what is really going on…leaving us with anger and contempt at anyone or anything we can lay blame on…

Those in these first two categories can only be described as losing their minds...

However, there are a few of us who have long lost our minds and so have now transcended the fear and anger.  

We have discovered a new mind of opportunity within all this chaos…

We have quickly come to the realisation that the details of who, how and why this is happening is irrelevant at this point as it has or is already happening.

A rational mind will quickly realise that It is now pointless to protest, fight, argue or debate your individual truths…

Equally, doing nothing in the hope that everything will somehow randomly just change in you favour or go back to normal is also totally unrealistic.

A rational and intelligent mind will realise that only you can change or create your future reality.

The present future you create in the now is the greatest gift you can give your future self.

Right now, in this very present moment in time we can all create any future our minds can master - this is the genie in us (genius).

The more creators that unite and plot to co create the same future script, the more powerfully that reality will manifest.

And this is exactly what the :Kingdom of Pineal is all about.

It is about those of us who are ready to take accountability and responsibility for our lives.

Those of us brave enough to unite, collaborate, adjust and evolve with this reset will prosper and thrive on the other side of this…

After all fortune only favours the brave.

We are sovereign authors and directors co creating and pioneering a new path for our present future and when the time comes we will claim our Earthly inheritance

Honour . Earth . Abundance.  Respect . Trust - H.E.A.R.T.

The foundation the Kingdom of Pineal is being built on…

Join the Pineal vision, help to co create this new earth Pineal kingdom for your future self and many other generations to come.

We are the ones we have been waiting for, the future is now!

Visit the Pineal website: www.kingdom-of-pineal.org

Read and comprehend the Pineal manifesto.

If you are in Alignment with the Pineal vision, mission and philosophy...Get on board and
Spread the word.

🔥 The Kingdom of Pineal

🌬 Paraíso Imensurável - Immeasurable Paradise

🌊 The Pineal Foundation

🌲 Pinheiro - 33.144

King :Agua-Akbal-Zizi:Pinheiro - Ordained Head Minister (OHM) 💜


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