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Notice: all information shared in this document of presentation is the expressed opinion and perspective of the author.

Use your own discernment before drawing to conclusions or making decisions.

What If i told you that 99% of all human beings alive on earth today, are legally declared abandoned, "lost at sea" or "dead"!

What if I told you, that if you are part of the 99% and you are over the age of (7) you are legally considered as dead stock under something called Admiralty law.

And what if I then told you that YOU are entitled to an equitable birth right inheritance of all wealth on this earth...

Let me explain…

To fully understand why 99% of humans alive today are legally declared lost at sea or dead, we have to go back nearly 360 years to the year 1666.

In 1666 something called the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 was secretly passed into law behind closed doors during and shortly after the black plague plandemic and the London fires.

This Act was passed and enacted under something called international Admiralty law.

Admiralty law, also known as Maritime or Law of the sea’s, is a body of international law that governs nautical issues and private maritime disputes.

We will get back to this a little bit later…

For now let’s dissect what exactly Cestui Que Vie is.

Cestui Que Vie is French for - he who lives.

The term is used to distinguish between a "capable" person and an "incapable" person.

A capable person is classed as a sovereign living being who fully comprehends the reality of, why, where and who they are…

As opposed to an incapable person who is classed as one who does not comprehend the reality and laws of why, where and who they fact such a person is legally considered as lost at sea or a dead corporate entity - commonly known as a strawman.

The Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 is an Act that was passed onto law which states that...

"An Estate may be effected for the Benefit of one or more Persons presumed lost or abandoned at “sea” and therefore assumed/presumed “dead” after seven (7) years."

In other words...if a person is classed as incapable then their property and entitlements can be taken from them for the benefit of someone who is classed as capable.

When a Cestui Que Vie Act is enacted into motion it is usually in the form of an insurance policy or Trusts agreement.

The original purpose and function of a Cestui Que (Vie) Trust was to form a temporary holding company  for the benefit of an incapable person until such a time that incapable person is capable of being trusted with their property, wealth or entitlements.

If you are watching or listening to this and you have not received or claimed your heir inheritance entitlements, then it is simply because you are by law classed as incapable.

At this point most of you are asking…

What heir inheritance are my entitled to?


In essence, every human being on Earth is born as an heir descendant in trust of the Earth.

In other words by virtue of simply being born on Earth, you and every single human being are inherently entitled to a trusted equitable share of all the land and wealth on Earth.

You and every human being are; by birth right an equal beneficiary heir in trust of all wealth on this Earth.

This is legally known as descendant per stirpes rights.

Per stirpes means by descendant roots or of origins.

You are entitled to an equitable share of the Earth by origin of your roots and off course the roots of every human being comes from the same original beginning.

Adam and Eve, Lucy, Sophia, it doesn’t matter what religion, culture or belief system you follow we can all agree that everything and everyone shares the same roots of origin.

This makes every human on this Earth a relative to each other by roots as we are all related to the same genetic blueprint of origin.

We are all one!

However, for various organic or inorganic reasons,  this relative relation we all share has been so far removed over time, we have now forgotten our relation-ships.

One of the reasons that aided to this removal of relation is something called "The Restoration" movement of 1660 which paved the way for the reinstatement of king Charles II, who then took relative common wealth indirectly away from the people and directly into the hands of the church and state.

He also went on to amend the Cestui Que Vie Act in the year 1666 into what it is today. A trust agreement or human life insurance policy Insured against  your Earthly heir inheritance entitlements thereby benefiting someone else, because you are considered incapable, lost at sea or dead.

So you might be asking, when and how exactly did this  Cestui Que Vie concept of governance come about ?

To fully grasp this question, we must revisit the very beginning of this Cestui Que Vie concept.

History of "Cestui Que Vie"

The “first” historical Act outlining Cestui Que (Vie) Trusts is deliberately hidden under the claimed statutes of the reign of King Richard III of England in 1483.

The English Act (still in force today) states that all conveyances and transfers and use of property is good, even though a purchaser may be unaware that it is effectively the “cestui que” property of someone else.

This allowed for the "cestui que" or life inheritance of one person to be sold to another person without the consent of the original beneficiary, effectively putting that Cestui Que inheritance in bondage.

To add further injury, the Act gives a vague and challenging path of relief from this injustice, simply stating that…

"For one to be free of Cestui Que Vie bondage they must demonstrate that they are of complete mind, not an infant and not under financial duress at which point any property under Cestui Que Vie Trusts is rightfully theirs for use."

In other words, you can only reclaim your inheritance if you know how to.

The “second” Act outlining Cestui Que (Vie) Trusts is deliberately hidden under the reign of Henry 7th in 1488.

Under this Act Lords were permitted to discourage any people classed as “wards” (poor slaves) from demonstrating their freedom. Such lords were encouraged to use writs and other devices to “force” such people back to being compliant “wards” (poor slaves).

The only remedy under this Act was if a "ward" (poor slave) demonstrated that he was less of a "ward" than his lord.

In other words under this law, wealth belonging to an incapable person must be given to a capable person and the incapable person who’s wealth has been taken from them can only reclaim their wealth if they can prove that they are more capable  than the persons who took their wealth.

The “third” Act outlining the operation of Cestui Que Vie only hidden this time as something called Estate Pur Autre Vie, was in 1741 whereby; one who was knowledgeable of the Cestui Que Vie slavery system could, between the ages of 18 to 20, seek to recover such property under Cestui Que Vie and cease to be a slave.

However, the same act also made it law that remedy of such slavery would only be available for 20 years from 1741 to 1761.

The first open form of an official Cestui Que Vie act was formed through an Act of Henry VIII of England in 1535, whereby the poor people of England, had all their homes, goods and wealth seized and handed over to small religious estates to keep in their trusts.

These small religious estates were granted the welfare or “commonwealth” benefit of all the people of England.

This was the first official form of a state benefit trust or Cestui Que use.

However, the first Cestui Que Vie Trusts were formally enacted in 1540 again passed by Henry VIII.

Unfortunately and conveniently this particular Act was and still is repealed, meaning it is formally and officially withdrawn from public knowledge.

This is very interesting because it is the only Cestui Que Vie trust Act that has "avowry", meaning an official remedy or solution of protocol for addressing injury or injustice by way of Cestui Que Vie bondage.

In other words the only way to know exactly how to claim compensation for loss of inheritance through a Cestui Que Vie trust bondage is contained within this Act, which is not openly available to the public to this day.

At this point if you are not from England, you are probably thinking "even if these Acts are still in use today, surely they don’t apply to me as I am not from England?"

And that would be the case had it not been for the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666.

So what exactly is the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666?

The Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 is an act of governance that was passed by the parliament of Charles II and it is also called the “Proof of Life Act”

As we have established this Act stated that if a person is classed as incapable of looking after their own property, wealth and entitlements, then any such benefits can be taken from them for the benefit of someone else who is classed as capable.

Clearly the vagueness of this Act was and still is very controversial.

Firstly, who decides on the remit of capability or incapability of a person or persons?

Secondly, if one is considered incapable why are they not given the fair opportunity to express their capabilities by openly being given all the necessary and relevant information.

And thirdly, the vagueness of this Act allows opportunity for "capable" persons to easily take unfair advantage of persons classed as "incapable".

This is why this Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666 was passed behind closed doors during and shortly after the black death plandemic and the London fires of 1666.

The distractions of the pandemic and the fires allowed Charles and his parliament to secretly pass this act into law without much opposition.

This Act allowed for the creation of Cestui Que Vie Trusts.

A Cestui Que Vie Trust, also known as a “Fide Commissary Trust” or “Foreign Situs trust”....Is a form of “Secret Trust agreement ” also known as a fictional concept of temporary trust that was created and passed into law almost exactly 360 years ago and is still in use to this day by every nation on Earth.

It is a human Trust insurance policy set up to insure the living human being against their earthly heir inheritance.

Unfortunately, for 99% of humanity today, this insurance policy was created against our will and furthermore the details of it were hidden from us because someone else deemed us incapable.

Now the reason why this Act created in England affects every single person on Earth is because this Act was passed under something called international Admiralty law.

Meaning its implications went beyond English national laws and into inter-national law, overseas to all internationally recognised nations.

Now before we get into the ramifications of this 1666 act, we must first comprehend  the foundational basis of Admiralty law…

Why and what exactly, is Admiralty law or Maritime law of the sea.

This international law of the seas is based on the fundamental principle that all our material reality is mostly made up of water.

Both the Earth and our human bodies contain an average of about 70% water.

This means most of our reality is in or on water.

With this in mind, we could say the land masses of the Earth and the mass of our human bodies are floating in waters, just like ships.

A ship is a vessel that holds, carries and moves goods on or within bodies of water.

By this definition, every island, territory and country on every continent, can be classed as an Earth ship and every living human being can also be classed as a living ship.

And this is why the english language uses the word ship as a suffix for many words...for instance;
friend-ships, relation-ships, king-ship, lady-ship, leader-ship, fellow-ship, wor-ship, town-ship, etc….

This is further amplified when we consider that, a child is born or birthed through the mothers birth canal, from the mothers amniotic waters and received by the doc on arrival.

Once the child has docked on the Earth he or she is given a certificate of live birth and citizen-ship.

As the child sails through life he or she builds relation-ships and friend-ships with other fellow ships.

And off course we all know ships move by the current of the sea, just as the human ship is birthed into this world by the currency of inheritance.

By this remit, I’m sure you can now comprehend  where international Admiralty law is derived from, as it encompasses both physical and spiritual universal principles.

And so off course, this is why the Cestui Que Vie 1666 Act was passed under Admiralty law and hence affects every single human being on this Earth to this day.

However, it is important to note that the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666, is not a law but an Act within a law.

Acts can be changed as they are made by man as opposed to the actual body of Admiralty law that cannot be changed as it based on decrees of natural and universal principles.

It is also worth noting that, since Admiralty law is based on international commerce; it would make sense why the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 was passed in the City of London.

The city of London is classed as an independent corporate state and the administrative commercial capital of the world.

Just like the state of the Vatican is classed as the administrative spiritual capital of the world and the state of Washington DC is classed as the administrative military capital of the world.

This means that when this Act was passed into law, the city of London as the commercial capital of the world, assumed custody of everybody’s wealth and placed it into their own corporate state trust.

It’s also interesting to note that the word corporate is in relation to the word corpse.

A corporation is an operation that holds corpses (dead entities)

In essence, this "London corporate state trust" under the guise of the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666, assumed everyone on Earth was incapable and thus became the trustee/husband holding of all titles of the people their property and wealth, until a capable living man or woman comes back to reclaim those titles.

This is still the case to this day!

Right now, most likely you and 99% of humans on Earth are declared incapable, lost at sea or a legally dead corporate entity.

And since you are considered incapable, lost or dead, your inheritance benefits are considered abandoned which allows corporations like the city of London to hold your inheritance in their trust whilst you are absent or at least until you show up, declare and prove yourself alive.

This is why you always need representation when involved in legal matters, because a dead corporate entity cannot represent itself.

It is also why barristers and judges in Courts wear black robes and other paraphernalia to honour the “dead corporate entity” being represented.

A living being should only present themselves, they should never be re-presented.

And off course we can see how a court is a place where games are played. Court rooms are full of characters playing out Acts.

Usually court representation is offered in the character form of a lawyer. All lawyers must pass and complete something called the "Temple bar" which is a ritual right of passage, an oath of allegiance to the corporate commercial system of law.

When a lawyer re-presents you, the dead entity, they are only doing so in the capacity of the oath of allegiance they sore through their "Temple bar" initiation.

You will also notice that when you are summoned to court, your name is written in all capital letters.

According to Admiralty law a corporation or corpse can only be legally and officially identified when written in all capital letters.

Hence why, all names on graveyard tomb stones are always written in all capital letters.

Ok, I hope you are still with me!

I’m now going to explain the process of how your wealth inheritance life insurance was taken from you and where it is now.

History of Cestui Que Vie Trusts

Before the Cestui Que vie "responsible" act of 1666 was passed, all babies born were assumed alive unless otherwise stated.

However, since the CQV 1666 Act, the assumption of a birthed living being is not acknowledged until that said living being can declare itself alive.

Now, before I continue let’s recap on what the clauses in the Tenure abolition act of 1660 (which we spoke about earlier) and the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 actually stipulate...

"All property, assets and titles of the people are to be kept in the custody of the state/husbandry trust, Unless or until a living man or woman declares themselves alive and capable and thus able to claim their property title rights, their estate is to be held in the custody of a capable person or persons on behalf of the incapable Person presumed abandoned or lost at “sea” and therefore assumed “dead” after seven (7) years."

In other words, since 1660/66 when a baby is born the law assumes the baby is abandoned. And as that  baby is incapable of claiming his or her heir inheritance entitlements - a capable person or persons assumes responsibility of that babies rights until such a time that child can declare him or herself alive and capable.

To put this into context, here is a real life example relevant to all of us…

When a baby is born, his or her birth is officiated by a document called a certificate of live birth.

This document acts as proof that a living being with a spirit and body was birthed onto Earth and as we have already stated, every living human being is born entitled to an equal share of all wealth on Earth.

Effectively, the certificate of live birth acts an open cheque or bond to allow the living being to claim their - heir inheritance entitlements.

It is also important to note that a certificate of live birth is not the same as a birth certificate - but well get to that.

Now, under the remit of the Cestui Que Vie act 1666, that said a child is legally presumed to be abandoned or lost for (7) years , the bond certificate of live birth is considered redundant or incapacitated.

Because of this assumption, that child’s bond certificate of live birth is put into bondage under something called a Cestui Que Vie Trust insurance policy which is created on behalf of that assumed abandoned or lost child.

This child’s Cestui Que Vie Trust is established as a legal fiction company of three associates.

  1. A grantor, who is the creator of the insurance trust…
  2. A trustee, who is the one who manages the trust…
  3. A beneficiary, who is the one who receives the benefits of the trust.

In this particular instance, the grantor or creator of the inheritance trust is the corporate city of London.

They draw up the commercial human insurance policy as they are the assumed commercial administrative capital of the world.

The trustee of the living inheritance insurance policy or Trust is usually the state, government, crown or corporation that administrates or governs the nation or country the child was birthed in…

And off course, the beneficiary of the inheritance living trust should be the child /person in question.

However, because the baby, child or person is incapable of legally declaring themselves alive as per the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 under admiralty law - they are assumed abandoned or lost at sea.

At this point the trustee of the living inheritance trust, insures the bond certificate of live birth as an I.O.U birth certificate.

This I.O.U birth certificate is essentially a receipt of the original bond certificate of live birth.

The birth certificate receipt acts as a legal fiction company to represent the child that is assumed to be abandoned or lost at sea.

At this point there are now two documents in question; an inheritance bond certificate which represents the living child and a birth certificate I.O.U receipt of the bond which represents the absence of the living being.

Since the inheritance bond certificate represents the living or spirit of a living being, it is sent to the chosen spiritual administrative capital of the world - the Vatican.

The Vatican holds the living bond certificate on behalf of the presumed abandoned or lost child for a minimum (7) years or until that said child comes forward and proclaims his or herself alive.

If that said child does not come forward to proclaim his or herself alive after (7) years,
the Vatican then sends the living bond certificate back to the trustee.

At this point the trustee is now legally allowed to presume that the child is permanently abandoned, lost or even dead, effectively classing them as a john or jane DOE or simply put "a corporate dead entity being".

This then means that all of that child’s inheritance benefits are forfeited into the custody of the trustee until that said child can declare his or herself alive.

Essentially, the inheritance bond is placed into the bondage of commerce under Admiralty law.

This human bond certificate is then sold (sailed) as "dead stock" to corporations whom then float and trade that stock in bondage as currency on the public stock exchange.

At this point all the administrative parties pay themselves  for their rendered serves…

The grantor, in this case the city of London is paid for the service of creating the trust insurance policy.

The trustee, in this case the crown, state or government is paid for the service of managing the persons trust.

And off course the Vatican is paid for their service of holding the certificate of life bond in bondage for the first (7) years.

Unfortunately, the person who is the actual  beneficiary is the only one who does not directly benefit from any of these transactions, simply because they don’t actually know about it, hence, they are lost at sea.

However, a beneficiary can or may sometimes indirectly benefit a little from their inheritance by way of state benefits and services that may be provided by the trustee governing body of citizenship they belong to.

And finally, after 70 years, the inheritance bond floating in commercial bondage as corporate stock must be retired from the stock market as this is the traditional life expectancy of an estate in heir.

At this point the human life insurance must be settled.

The trustee (the government) receives a final payment usually by way of inheritance tax and a small retirement package is offered to the original beneficiary, if they are still alive that is.

Now, where does this leave us today I hear you ask.

The current situation

Well, we now know that these bondage Acts and laws were initiated almost exactly 360 years ago if we count from 1660/66 to the years 2020/26.

We also know that a full circle or revolution is 360 degrees.

In essence, these bondage Acts have completed a full circle of 360 years.

When a full revolution happens a reset must be instigated.

Between 2020 and 2026 a full revolution of the Maritime Cestui Que Vie Acts will be completed.

And this off coarse is why 2020 was the beginning of the great reset.

This reset will off course be in motion between 2020 and 2026 after which a new system will then begin to run a new course for the next cycle or circle of human governance.

Right now as I speak, new Acts for your Trust are being established by those whom deem themselves capable of doing so.

Acts like…

  • The Corona virus Act 2020...
  • The COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone Act or TRACE Act…also known as the House Resolution 6666 bill.
  • The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare...
  • The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act also known as Trumps CARES Act...
  • The access to COVID 19 tools accelerator act also known as the ACT Accelerator...

These Acts are nothing more than new and modern human Trust insurance policies with the aim of executing the same objectives as the Cestui Que Vie act of 1666.

I wont go into the details of these Acts suffice to say that...history is repeating itself.

360 years ago during a world pandemic Acts like the Cestui Que Vie 1666 Act were passed into law allowing a small handful of elites who deemed themselves capable to legally take and control the wealth, property and entitlements of 99% of people on earth whom they deemed as incapable.

The decisions we make individually and collectively over the next (13) years from 2020 to 2033 will shape the future of human governance in this realm over the next 360 years.

My pre-diction is that these Acts of trust or care will continue to be implemented and enforced from 2020 - 2026 after which there will be a (7) year dispensation from 2026 - 2033.

After 2033 the great reset will be complete and a new world order will emerge.

This current period from now until 2026 is crucial, it is an opportunity for the capable to distinguish themselves from the incapable.

Most will and some already are putting their trust in government and corporate trusts…

Some are setting up individual private trusts…

And others like the kingdom of Pineal are creating community trusts…

It is vital at this time that you decide who you are going to bank your trust with, governments, corporations, yourself or communities?

Chose wisely, this decision without a doubt is the biggest decision you will have to make in your current lifetime.


Now, let’s recap and summarise where were at!

As we have already established a Trust organisation is a structure created with the purpose of establishing and organising the affairs of a person or organisation of people.

We have also established that you and every human being on this Earth has a birth right entitlement to an equal share of all natural wealth on this Earth.

Over the last 360 years the inheritance entitlements of 99% of people has been in the trust of 1% of people whom have deemed themselves capable, generation after generation.

Right now, we are collectively going through a reset that will allow you and I to also deem ourselves capable of claiming and managing our birth right heir entitlements.

We have the opportunity to declare and prove that we are capable and therefore trustworthy of being trustees of our own Trust foundations.

We can declare and prove our capability, firstly by proclaiming our sovereign nature, thereby collapsing our fictional corporate identities and creating new living Cestui Que Vie sovereign Trusts.

When the current stock market crashes, all our inheritance life birth certificate bonds will be out of bondage, meaning those who are capable will be able to claim their inheritance without let or hindrance.

Unfortunately, most on Earth are still incapable due to a lack of knowledge, therefore when the new world order of governance establishes - their inheritance will be reclaimed by those who are capable.

And once again history will repeat itself.

This time the bondage will not be in physical admiralty current sea (currency)
But rather in ethereal or air current seas (currency).

This new bondage will be less obvious and more cryptic in its nature of currency.

Artificial intelligence will cryptically replace natural intelligence effectively making it more difficult for a person in crypto bondage to free themselves.

Essentially, the current "capable" establishment of elites are fighting amongst themselves for the bondage of souls through their various enforced Acts.

They are creating new trust policies to further consolidate power for the 1% to continue managing the 99%.

They have no intention of changing the course of history. Their intention is to keep the same system of governance going, just with different scripts and props, but the overall agenda is exactly the same.

We at the kingdom of Pineal are one of a small handful of "capable" people who want to break the mould and rewrite history.

The Kingdom of Pineal Trust organisation

We as a collective of capable sovereign living beings, have come together to create a new collective trust organisation based on the original natural organic human principles of honour, abundance, respect for one another and the Earth entrusted upon us.

We are exercising our human inheritance birth rights to sovereign abundance.

And this is how….

The Pineal sovereign Plan

As already stated we have established a trust organisation and as with all trust organisations, There must be three key parties involved -

A grantor or creator who sets up the trust and populates it with their terms, conditions and assets. (kingdom of Pineal)

A trustee or fiduciary responsible for managing the affairs in the trust. A fiduciary or trustee can also be defined as board members, council of advisors, a governing or administrative body.

            (Paraíso Imensurável Association)

A beneficiary whom is or are the person(s) who will receive the trust organisation’s benefits.( Pioneers and Pineal custodians)

With this in mind, The Kingdom of Pineal is a trust organisation created with the purpose of establishing and organising the affairs of all Kingdom of Pineal custodians and Pioneers.

We are acting as the principle agents to help our fellow custodians proclaim and reclaim their rights to their heir inheritance, privileges and wealth.

Unlike most other trust organisations the kingdom of Pineal will only accept and constitute capable and sovereign living beings as per the constitution of our manifesto, philosophy and spiritual beliefs.

The Kingdom of Pineal’s Trust organisation was created for the benefit of all Pineal custodian "Pioneers" - this includes all reserved rights and assets from and within the Pineal trust policies.

Namely, the custodians of the Pineal Trust organisation whom are the policy holders and beneficiaries of all Pineal wealth, assets and privileges, insured under and within the kingdom of Pineal’s jurisdictions.

The Kingdom of Pineal does not have a single trustee - all members of the Pineal organisation are considered trustees and beneficiaries as stipulated within our constitution.

Having said that, the collective administration of our organisation is currently administered from our temple embassy in Portugal under the stewardship of the Pinheiro family whom currently reside there.

Paraiso Imensuravel Association is the trustee administrative body that governs and acts in the sole interest of the Kingdom of Pineal and its custodian beneficiaries.

Paraiso Imensuravel Association is officially registered as an environmental, ecological and spiritual trust association within the country of Portugal.

How does membership work?

Through our passport membership we will essentially be acting as principle agents  on behalf of our custodian beneficiaries.

If or when we claim inheritance entitlements and/or compensation on behalf of our custodian beneficiaries we will be honourable and transparent with all our intentions, activities and actions in accordance with the Pineal Tenets and laws.

If such heir inheritance entitlements are received in the form of currency, we will inform all our custodian beneficiaries individually of what they are entitled to.

At this point there would be two choices;

  1. The first option will involve the beneficiary opting to redeem their entitlements out right, at which point Paraiso Imensuravel Association would need to be paid a compulsory tithe of 10% for the administrative services rendered.

    This option would also mean that the custodian would lose any present and future Kingdom of Pineal state benefits including citizenship.

  2. The second option will involve the beneficiary opting to bank their proceeds into the Pineal establishment and development of the kingdom of Pineal as a collective society.

    At this point the beneficiary would receive an initial payout of 25% of their inheritance benefits, 10% would be donated to Paraiso Imensuravel Association for administrative services rendered and the remaining 65% would be invested into the Kingdom of Pineal’s trust as an equitable living insurance for the benefit of all Kingdom of Pineal custodians.

    The proceeds invested into the trust organisation of the Kingdom of Pineal will be used to manifest the future vision of the Kingdom of Pineal’s Manifesto.

    This includes but is not limited to public infrastructure, housing, agriculture, food and textile production, transportation, education, technology, health and well-being services.


In conclusion our ultimate aim as an organisation is to prove that we are alive and capable, create a new society of community, founded and cultured on principles of honour, abundance, respect and trust in one another for the greater good of the Earth.

If this Pineal vision, mission and movement towards true sovereignty in trust of one another is in Alignment with you, visit our website and join the Pineal mission.

On our website you will find more information about our vision, mission, philosophy and manifesto for the future.

You will also be able to apply for a Pineal custodian passport as well as keep up to date with our progress and development as a collective community.

We hope you benefited from this knowledge and information we are sharing with you.

All we ask is that you use your own discernment before drawing conclusions or making decisions.

Be great, be sovereign, be kind, be cause and always remember fortune favours the brave and capable. Great fortune comes with great responsibility.

Inner chii

Agua Akbal Pinheiro.

Welcome to Pineal The Future Sovereign Kingdom of Pineal