Paraíso Imensurável

Paraíso Imensurável

Paraíso Imensurável Trust Association (PITA)

Paraíso Imensurável Trust Association also known as PITA is the official administrative entity that represents and manages the governing state of affairs for the Kingdom of Pineal.

Paraíso Imensurável Trust Association actively trades under the name Pineal Foundation.

PITA consists of a collective of diverse people from all over the earth, whom have come together to coexist under the same core values, ideals and beliefs.

The Pineal core values, ideals and beliefs are established on the foundation of the Laws and Tenets stipulated under The Kindom of Pineal’s spiritual structure, which ultimately forms the Pineal way of life.

Paraíso Imensurável is an association of agricultural conservation and self-sustainability within the Republic of Portugal.

As an organisation our objectives are: researching, exploring, sharing and implementing alternative ideas and methods of human living and being. Thereby building, inspiring, healing and guiding the world towards a more balanced and enlightened state, using creative physical and social mediums.

The company name Pineal Foundation emphasises the Pineal ideal of creating something new. After all, a house cannot be built without a foundation.

Structure of Organisation

Paraíso Imensurável Trust Association (PITA) is a company of sovereign people, which trades under the name of Pineal Foundation. Both these entities operate under and within the remit and authority of The Kingdom of Pineal, which in itself, is governed under universal spiritual and natural laws in accordance with earthly human rights acts.

Pineal Administrative Structure

Administrative name
Paraíso Imensurável Trust Associaciation (PITA)
Postal abbreviation
Administrative Code
Trading body
Pineal Foundation
Native Custodian
Pineal Pioneer
Administrative Anthem
‘Naturaly Richer’
Pineal Motto
Honour - Earth - Abundant - Respect - Trust: H.E.A.R.T.
Pineal Royal Colour
Pineal Sacred Plant
Pine tree
Pineal Royal Food
Administrative Currency
"Pine Coin"

Pineal Founders

Pioneer Founding Patrons
Pioneer Founding President
Água 'Akbal' Pinheiro (Martin Kenny Jr.)
Pioneer Founding Pillars
Vivien, Trevin, Julia, David, Água, Matthew, Elif, Jey, Mike, Gabriela, Darren, Catia, Sophia, Emma, Olivia, James, Tevonte, Sally, Leila, Sebastian, Quintin, Evenia, Leo, Leny
Pioneer Founding Posts
Tom, Roslind, Lawrie, Jan, Chantelle, Dani, Julia, Tatjana, William, Charlotte, Zander, Caspian, Andrea, Oliver, Martina, Toste, Marcel, Robyn, Pete