Água Akbal Pinheiro

Ordained Head Minister (OHM)
Kingdom of Pineal
President Elect (PE)
Paraíso Imensurável
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Pineal Foundation

Água Akbal Pinheiro is a spiritual philosopher, esoteric researcher and social influencer. His given name at birth was Martin Junior Kenny trading as (MARTIN JUNIOR KENNY) and he later detatched from these corporate personas and inherited a new identity: Água Akbal Pinheiro, which means water (Água) house (Akbal) of the pine tree (Pinheiro).

He created his new identity at the age of 36 after his ‘Pineal Spiritual Ordaining’ in the country of Portugal.

At the age of 33, he had a profound spiritual experience he called his ‘Pineal Spiritual Awakening’. This spiritual awakening triggered and inspired his revolutionary journey of self-discovery and transformation. He subsequently changed his life as he deemed himself a 'born again' soul.

This life altering event led him to devoting his life to researching occult and esoteric knowledge as well as adopting various other spiritual practices.

At the time, he referred to himself as a syncretic researcher and he became a well-established alternative but somewhat controversial social influencer with his provocative and challenging philosophies and perspectives on spirituality, cosmology, astrology and overall views on life.

Agua, then known as Martin, used the internet as his platform to share his research, ideas and perspectives which eventually became the bases for the Pineal foundation.

In 2019, Água immigrated to Portugal with the aim of establishing a spiritual mystery school and eco - community - The Pineal Foundation was established.

In 2020, the Pineal Foundation rapidly expanded with the acquisition of a larger plot of land where the Pineal community was firmly established as 44 members from around the world immigrated to Portugal to help establish the Pineal Foundation.

The Pineal Foundation rapidly gained public support, and the Pineal community soon became a publicly recognised spiritual and cultural organisation trusted under the name: The Kingdom of Pineal.

The Kingdom of Pineal Trust organisation was established with the mission of consciously creating a new Society; based on policies of human spiritual, natural and organic principals of how to live in balance with nature.

By early 2021, The Kingdom of Pineal was firmly established as a community based spiritual entity in Trust, under the administration and stewardship of Agua Akbal Pinheiro and the Pinheiro family clan.