Pineal Background

The pineal gland, also known as the pineal body, is a small pinecone shaped gland that lies deep inside the centre of the brain in the epithalamus. It is a part of the endocrine system and helps to regulate melatonin, which is a chemical produced in the brain.

The chemical secreted by the pineal is known as Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) also known as the spirit molecule. It is linked to perception and is activated by energetic and magnetic frequency.

The pineal gland or "spiritual third eye" is regarded as the gateway of spiritual life as per many ancient concepts around the world.

Recently, modern neuroscience has proven that the pineal gland is not only the melatonin-secreting neuroendocrine organ which controls the circadian rhythm, but it also has mystical and energetic associations with spirituality.

It acts as a tremendous coordinator between molecular, hormonal, physiological and chemical rhythmic orchestra within all conscious sentient beings.

The Kingdom of Pineal as a congregation was namely inspired by the mystical, mythical, and neuro-scientific understanding of the pineal gland’s significance to the human experience of life on Earth. Indeed, we believe as a philosophy that all human experience is based on perception of whatever reality you are experiencing at any given time.

Perception via the pineal gland directly influences how we think, feel and behave.

A beings ability to understand and influence their individual perception is key to finding a rhythmic and harmonious existence as a human being on Earth.

A purely functioning pineal gland improves clarity of perception which in effect can create immeasurable happiness within one’s being – a paradise state of being both physically and spiritually.

PARAÍSO IMENSURÁVEL (PI), the administrative arm of THE KINGDOM OF PINEAL was also aptly named with this association in mind.

The Pinheiro Family

Pinheiro is the adopted family name chosen by the founding members of The Kingdom of Pineal. Pinheiro means pine tree in the Portuguese language.

This name was aptly chosen as The Kingdom of Pineal was founded in the country of Portugal, originally established as a spiritually philosophical community under the name the Pineal Foundation.

The Pineal Foundation was founded in 2016 by a Spiritual Philosopher, then known as Martin Kenny, but later became known as Água Akbal Pinheiro.

At the time he was living in England with his family, but emigrated to Portugal in 2019 with the aim of establishing an eco community with a spiritual mystery school. Him and his family acquired some land and began laying the foundations for the Pineal Foundation community.

In 2020, the Pineal Foundation rapidly expanded with the acquisition of a larger plot of land where the Pineal Foundation community was firmly established as 44 members from around the world emigrated to Portugal to help establish the Pineal Foundation.

Pineal Foundation also officially registered itself with the Portuguese government as an environmental eco and spiritual conservation organisation under the name:

PARAÍSO IMENSURÁVEL, which means immeasurable Paradise in the Portuguese language.

As PARAÍSO IMENSURÁVEL trading as the Pineal Foundation rapidly gained public support, the Pineal mystery school community became a new publicly recognised spiritual and cultural organisation under the name :


By early 2021, THE KINGDOM OF PINEAL was firmly established as a community based spiritual entity, officially registered as PARAÍSO IMENSURÁVEL, publicly trading as THE PINEAL FOUNDATION under the administration of the Pinheiro Family clan.

Royal Coat of Arms

KINGDOM of PINEAL Royal Coat of Arms


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