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The Pineal organisation

The Kingdom of Pineal is an autonomous nation state of sovereign living men and women living under and within the authority of universal law.


Land - Air - Water

The universal LAW of Land, Air and Water is canonized and ordained within the Kingdom of Pineal's spiritual Tenets and acts, under the authority of the original prime creator (God) of this Earth in all its natural forms.


All LAW of Land, Air and Water created is entrusted to all capable living men and women of this Earth.

We, the custodians and trustees of the Kingdom of Pineal :The Pinheiro Royal family: are a family nation of capable sovereign living men and women and therefore have the expressed God given right to autonomously live on this Earth without let or hindrance.

Pineal Organisational Structure

The Pineal organisation is a Revocable Living Trust organisation that consists of three bodies of structure;

The Kingdom of Pineal – Mind
The Kingdom is the spiritual body responsible for upholding The Pineal spiritual observances, practices, principles, morals and ideals. It is the grantor/creator and trustee of the Pineal trust organisation.
Paraíso Imensurável Trust Association – Soul
Paraíso Imensurável Trust Association is the commercial representative of The Pineal organisation. It is the official public body of embassy for The Kingdom of Pineal.
Pineal Foundation (Pinheiro Family) – Body
The Pineal Foundation under the stewardship of the Pinheiro Family is the management body responsible for the private and public affairs of the Pineal organisation. This branch of Pineal acts as the commercial trading arm of The Pineal Trust organisation on behalf of all the Kingdom of Pineal’s custodian benefactors.

Sovereign Extraterritorial Jurisdiction

The Kingdom of Pineal currently exists as an extraterritorial jurisdiction in embassy within the sovereign republic of Portugal.

In international LAW, extraterritoriality is the state of being exempted from the jurisdiction of local law, through sovereign state diplomacy.
The Portuguese Republic Constitution states that "the freedom of conscience, of religion and of form of worship is inviolable" (Art. 41, no 1)
and that "churches and other religious communities are separate from the state and are free to organise themselves and to exercise their functions and form of worship" (Art. 41, no. 4)

As such The Kingdom of Pineal; existing as an autonomous culturally independent spiritual nation of people is exercising its rights to freedom of conscience by proclaiming its current embassy holding - Quinta Pineal, Portugal - as a sovereign autonomous nation state of living men and women co-existing within the remit of extraterritorial jurisdiction in accordance with Portuguese and international LAW.

Vision of Pineal

Consciously creating a new nation society of naturally living men and women, harmoniously co-existing, honouring the earth in the spirit of abundance, respect and trust for the greater good of all – H.E.A.R.T.

Vision of Pineal

Mission of Pineal

To inspire and motivate positive action aimed at achieving the Pineal vision of H.E.A.R.T.: honouring the earth in the spirit of abundance, respect and trust for the greater good of all.

Mission of Pineal


The Pineal Constitution is based on a set of principles that uphold ethical morals and intellectual integrity. These constitutional principles fulfil harmonious human and societal aspirations as part of the broader social system of the Pineal vision and mission:

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Social Plans

The Pineal Social Plans will help you better understand what structures of development The Kingdom of Pineal will implement. They are the corner stones of how we will achieve our vision of creating a harmonious world order where life on Earth co-exists in balance for the greater good of all.


At the heart of the pineal vision of creating a harmonious and balanced world is human health and well-being. This is because we believe humans are the intended trusted custodians of the Earth as they are the most consciously intelligent and sentient beings of Earth.

With this in mind achieving and maintaining optimal human health and well-being physically, mentally and spiritually is a key component to restoring harmony and balance not just for humans but for the greater good of the Earth at large.

Mission › Philosophy


The Kingdom of Pineal is a physical and spiritual entity created in trust, constituting naturally living men and women whom choose to inhabit and/or co-exist on this Earth in a sovereign state of being, in balance with nature, embodied by our Spiritual Tenets, Universal Spiritual Laws and Natural Physical Laws.

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